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Henderson Middle School Teacher Arrested, Charged with Sexual Battery of Students

February 17, 2017

A mathematics teacher at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School was arrested Friday and charged with 2 students’ aggravated sexual battery.

Jose Daniel Estrada, also a 36-year-old Clifton, Va., resident, has been put on administrative leave by school officials that the day that the very first accusation was created on Jan. 17. Students who had courses with Mr. Estrada suddenly had a new teacher, and rumors began sweeping the school, with a few pupils suggesting, or questioning if, he was fired.

Questions about why he was removed from the classroom circulated as well, with a few pupils suggesting he had slapped a woman but it is not obvious in the charges allege that behavior or something else. Documents that would detail the allegations against Mr. Estrada were unavailable in either the Arlington County or Falls Church courthouses Friday day, and he is, of course, innocent until proven guilty.

Mr. Estrada began his job with the Falls Church City colleges at July 2015. He’s being held at the Arlington County Jail.

After the 2 girls came with their allegations to school officials, the 2 incidents were reported to police and child protective services. Mr. Estrada was immediately removed from the classroom and put on paid leave. Officials said that the decision to place him instead of finishing him was created as a way to permit authorities to inquire into the situation.

“This action allowed the Falls Church City Public Schools to guarantee the protection of its pupils while also reserving ruling on the employee,” Schools Spokesman John Brett stated in a media release. “As a result, at the time of the arrest, the employee was not at the college, nor in contact with pupils.”

Together with his arrest, Mr. Estrada’s cover is currently being put in an escrow account pending the disposition of the case based on state law. The condition declines to prosecute him or if he is acquitted that cover will be received by him. The universities will keep the money when he is found guilty.

By Stephen Siegel
February 17   


Study Tips for Pupils

The last year of college can be intimidating for matric students. There is much to research and much to understand — it feels like attempting to eating an elephant! Studying is vital for students to achieve best results in your own finals. It can be tricky to get into the routine of revision and that is the reason why we’ve put together a list of research tips that will help you research, triumph, repeat and rinse. Let’s achieve your 2017 research objectives!

Learning loud

One of our favorite study suggestions is to learn out loud or to LOL, as we want to call it. Reading your notes on your own and out will help improve memory compared to quietly scanning through your what you have written.

Have a rest — this is one of our research hints

It may seem counterproductive, but a daytime power nap can boost learning and memory. They key is to have your research session, and then take a rest of 45 to 60 minutes. It’s like a tiny research reward for studying, and it is going to benefit you! Make certain that to get a fantastic night’s sleep.

Doodles over daydreaming

Most of us like to doodle somehow once we’ve been listening to your teacher talk about precisely the identical thing for what seems like ages. This can actually be beneficial for your approach! Memory and focus cans enhance by keeping the brain active instead of zoning out entirely, like the doodler counterpart.

 Make a research plan

Time is precious to some student preparing for exams. You don’t want to wait until the evening before to cram all the information in. By then, clearly, it’s too late. Strategy and the real key to breaking the habit of cramming for tests is to think. Do so. This method will help you to get organized and make the most.

Take a Rest

It’s hard enough to hit on the books, but to remain focused is a whole other challenge. Give yourself time to recuperate after focusing for a set quantity of time. Have a rest by going for a walk, a visit or create yourself a cup of java or tea. Breaks that are regular boost focus and your productivity can be improved by them ! Just stay away from getting caught in front of the TV…

 Neaten up

Make space for your notes and textbooks to be able to distribute and be read easily. Make sure to have sufficient light and a seat that is cozy. Think about what works better for you and take the time. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, after all, and that means you want to have a terrific environment to work in.

Explain your answers to others

This is one of our best research hints. Use your parents and little sisters and brothers, grandparents or anybody that will listen , to your benefit during exam time. Take them listen to you describe answers to significant revision questions that you want to remember. The solution may highlight some areas where you will need to spend longer time, and will get clear on your mind.

Snack for brain power

Everything you eat can truly have an influence on your energy levels and also in your concentration. Keep your entire body and brain by choosing foods over junk fueled. Nuts, fish and blueberries all have been demonstrated to help memory. Include foods on your exam day preparation as well.     Eat a fantastic meal but stay to prevent crashing halfway during your exam. Have a peek at those research snack ideas and recipes for as you’re studying.  

Get your heart rate up

Just twenty five minutes of cardio can enhance your data retention. Get up and get going. Whether you’re dancing, going for a run or taking part in your spinning class, movement and exercising is sure to maximize your power and cut down on your stress levels! This is important when it comes to analyzing.

Quench your desire

The closing of our research suggestions is to remain well hydrated! Hydration is critical for your brain to operate at it’s very best. Thus drink lots and a lot of water about the day of your exam, as well as throughout analyzing session and your revision.

We wish you the best of luck for each of your exams ahead!

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Texas high school teacher accused of recording students

Even a Carrollton, Texas, high school teacher was arrested for supposedly students.

George Edwin Thomas III was detained Thursday morning and charged with six counts of visual recording.

Carrollton authorities state the R.L. Turner High School teacher used hidden cameras to record female students that had been changing into their uniforms without them understanding throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

According to an arrest affidavit, ” Thomas’ girlfriend had suspected him of cheating.     So when a friend discovered a thumb drive that was random on the floor of this apartment the couple shared, the buddies watched it to locate pictures and grew curious.

According to a warrant, the criticism drive “featured multiple video records of teenage girls disrobing in a cupboard.” The report also states the thumb drive had “records that appeared to be in an educator’s desk with female students being called to the table”

Police say the camera has been set as a way to record under clothing.

When voluntarily questioned by Carrollton police detectives, ” the analysis says that Thomas “confessed he captured videos on his cell phone in class: however, the records were of actions for the students to see and find out.”

In a declaration, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD said it placed Thomas on administrative leave and had been made conscious of the allegations.

George Edwin Thomas III.

George Edwin Thomas III.   (Carrollton Police Dept.)


Trudeau apologizes to excluded College students

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has “humbly” apologized for abuse and cultural losses at residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Speaking at a ceremony with former pupils from Goose Bay, Trudeau surfaced on behalf of the government of Canada and Canadians to former pupils at five universities in the state.

He says their parents were told their children could be cared for and could be safe.

Trudeau says we now know that they were victims of a system of “colonial thinking” that caused “deep injury.”

He says for too long Canada has let the pupils carry their weight alone and not having an apology has been an impediment to healing and reconciliation.

The former pupils at five universities in the state were left out of a compensation package and national apology from 2008 by former prime minister Stephen Harper.

His Conservative government argued that Ottawa did not oversee those schools, but the Liberal government offered last year to repay a class-action suit for $50 million.

However, Innu leaders have been boycotting today’s event and won’t take the apology, saying Innu children suffered in other places besides residential schools.

The leaders also have issued a statement saying they met with members of their neighborhood on Thursday and received a very clear message.

“The response from members of our community has been quite emotional, it is clear that Innu require apologies for at least the expertise from the International Grenfell Association conduct residential school dormitories,” Grand Chief Gregory Rich stated in the statement.

“I’m not satisfied that Canada knows yet what it has done to Innu and exactly what it is still doing.”

The statement says Innu children were mistreated in Roman Catholic schools and in the houses of teachers and missionaries from the communities of Sheshatshiu and Davis Inlet. It said that hasn’t been realized by authorities.

“The truth of what occurred to the previous generations of Innu hasn’t been fully recorded and we can not cope with this in bits and pieces,” explained Chief Eugene Hart of the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation.

The Canadian Press